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Rubber flooring offers unique benefits and great long-term value. In the past, rubber flooring was most often found in commercial environments. Today’s homeowners realize it’s a practical choice for residential applications as well, including personal gyms, rec rooms, playrooms, utility rooms, laundry rooms, mudrooms, wet bars, and even offices.

Rubber is a cost-effective, low maintenance floor option for your home fitness room. Whether your workouts include cardiovascular exercise, yoga, or weight lifting, rubber’s comfort, durability and sound control create the ideal exercise environment.

Soft and supportive, rubber is a natural shock absorber. From dance and aerobics to kettle bells and free weights, this floor provides cushioning for joints, legs, feet, and back. Set your treadmill and weight bench directly on it, and leave some open space for stretching and floor workouts.

Thick rubber tiles can create a sound barrier in between the floors of your home. Used alone or as an underlayment for other flooring materials, rubber greatly reduces impact sound. If you have a second-story gym, play area, or laundry room, a rubber floor can make activities more pleasant for those on the floor below.

Perfect for heavy traffic areas, rubber is a dense material which can withstand plenty of wear over time.
If you stand for long periods of time, rubber’s cushioning can help reduce fatigue and foot injury.
A rubber floor can reduce injury from falls, making it a great choice for homes with kids or elderly occupants.
Easy Cleanup
A vacuum and damp mop are all you need to maintain a clean floor. Wipe up spills when they occur.
Since rubber is not affected by moisture, simply let your floor air dry after mopping.
Rubber is so extremely strong and naturally resilient that it’s very difficult to scuff, scrape, or gouge it.
Which tiles? Which rooms?
Beyond the weight room, rubber floors are great for any area in your home that gets a lot of traffic. Able to last up to 20 years or longer, rubber is easy to take care of and incredibly versatile. Rubber flooring comes in variety of tiles and sheets. Rubber tiles are arranged together like puzzle pieces and can be cut to fit any size room, in a single color or a playful pattern. Rubber sheets work well in large spaces and create a seamless appearance.

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