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Sand & Finish


Over time your hardwood floors can show signs of wear, depending on the level of activity in the room and your approach to maintenance. To give your hardwood flooring new life, consider our expert sand & finish service. Now more than ever, there are thousands of looks to choose f rom, and we will guide you to the best-fit for your home and lifestyle. Our revolutionary Dustless On-site Sanding System makes in-your-home finishing a breeze.

This service is offered exclusively to customers in the Cincinnati region.

JP is one of the only flooring refinishers in the area to have this state-of-the-art system. Our Vaccum Trailer provides HEPA filtration for truly dust-f ree hardwood refinishing, removing over 95% of all sanding dust.

Learn everything you need to know f rom our f riendly flooring professionals. JP’s designers will help you select the perfect floor for your home.


A good shop vac is a great tool, and it has its place in any refinisher’s toolbox, but it’s not dustless-even though some claim it is.

A better professional shop vac provides increased abilities to remove dust, but it still isn’t dustless.

Our vaccum trailer provides HEPA filtration for truly dust-f ree hardwood refinishing, removing over 95% of all sanding dust

Color Your World

Depending on the species of wood your floor is made f rom, the sky is the limit when it comes to color. A wide variety of colors is available using premixed floor stains, but custom colors are also possible by mixing any combination of colors you wish.

Keep in mind that duplicating a multi-color mix can be difficult if repairs are needed or additional rooms are installed/stained at a later date. Additionally, the darker the color, the more maintenance is required - which is also true for white or lighter colors too.

Select a Shine

Providing a durable and beautiful finish keeps your floor looking its best for many years.

Oil-based polyurethane topcoats come in four levels of sheen, but they can vary slightly between the oil and water versions. Hard-wax oil-rubbed finishes provide a warmer and more luxurious look. Oil finishes have a yellow cast that is more noticeable over time. Keep in mind that the higher the shine, the more maintenance is required to keep them looking that way.

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