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Historically, laminate flooring was easy to spot, and not in a good way. However, thanks to advances in design and manufacturing technology, today’s laminate products accurately simulate the look of hardwood, ceramic tile, natural stone, and many other types of flooring. Even with these product advances, laminate is still more affordable when compared to most hardwood and carpet options—but don’t let that concern you. This flooring solution provides the best of both worlds, with its great visuals and high quality.

Practical and visually appealing, laminate flooring just makes sense. Cleanup is as simple as vacuuming once a week or using a cloth mop to remove surface dirt. Since laminate is also stain-resistant, a quick wipe makes most spills disappear without a trace.

Laminate installation is relatively quick, meaning you can enjoy your beautiful new floors sooner. Whether you choose plank or tile laminate, most options are dry installed (unlike tile, which requires mortar and grout). If you decide to change your floor in the future or new homeowners take possession, laminate planks can be removed much more easily than tile or glue-down flooring products.

Laminate floors are well-suited for homeowners who want the look and feel of real hardwood or stone but don’t want the cost or maintenance that can be associated with these natural products. Check out your options and discover your room's potential.

Laminate floors consist of a durable top layer covering a tough core-board, and can withstand heavy foot traffic and impact.
Sunlight will not fade laminate planks. Plus, they’re flexible and can expand and contract without buckling as temperatures change.
The strong melamine top layer safeguards the laminate plank from scratches so it can look great for years to come.
Easy Cleanup
Cleaning laminate flooring is as simple as a weekly vacuum. You can also use a cloth mop to remove surface dirt.
Laminate planks have an exterior layer that creates an airtight shield against moisture and stains, which makes it easy to clean up spills.
Natural Shine
No wax, polish, or oil needed. Laminate has a luster that only requires water and a soft mop to maintain.
Genuine Wood Looks
Laminate flooring allows you to have the best of both words: authentic wood looks without the associated cost or care requirements. Laminate is available in a large variety of textures and colors, allowing it to imitate any species of hardwood.
Effortless Stone looks
Laminate allows you to get more than just beautiful wood looks for less. With so many style options available, laminate also enables you to easily replicate the elegant look of tile and natural stone.

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