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Decorative & Polished Concrete
Set the standard with durable, elegant polished concrete.

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At America's Floor Source, we have multiple ways to make the concrete floors in your home, garage, or business more attractive, easier to maintain, and even more durable.

Extend your living space into the garage. Make an impact in a rec room. Add a beautiful and long-lasting decorative coating to your basement floor. Or create a modern, industrial, beautiful, low-maintenance, and safe floor in a retail, restaurant, office, or industrial environment.

Both decorative and polished concrete are affordable and quick ways to increase the value and usability – as well as improve the appearance – of any room or building.

Our experienced concrete team can efficiently and effectively execute a polished or decorative concrete floor to meet – and most likely exceed – your expectations in nearly any residential or commercial environment.

Based on our research and field experience, we have chosen to exclusively use Titan Resin products for all our decorative concrete projects. In addition, we also offer the full line of Titan Resin products for decorative concrete professionals and DIYers.

Contact us today to discuss which decorative or polished concrete solution is best for your home or business.

Regular concrete floors are practical, but not particularly good looking. A decorative or polished concrete floor can instantly improve the looks of any room, garage, office, restaurant, or retail space.
Not only are decorative and polished concrete floors as long-lasting as a typical concrete floor, they are in many ways more protected than normal concrete and will look good for decades.
Easy to Maintain
Both polished and decorative concrete offer homeowners and businesses a beautiful surface that will remain that way with minimal effort.
Decorative Concrete

A decorative concrete floor requires almost no maintenance. Cleaning can be done with a simple dry mop. If your floor gets really dirty, it can be wet mopped or hosed out, as long as you squeegee off any standing water.

On those rare occasions when a cleaner is required, simply use a neutral (neither acidic nor alkaline) cleaner such as Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner. Be sure to rinse off any cleaner to avoid buidup of a slippery or hazy residue.

Polished Concrete

In residential environments, a polished concrete floor will look great for decades with little more than regular cleaning with a dry or wet mop. If you choose to wet mop, use just water or water and a netrual cleaner that is thoroughly rinsed away to avoid buildup.

In commercial settings, regular cleaning with an auto scrubber is recommended. In extreme heavy traffic areas, you may choose to have us come back to rehone the surface every 3-10 years, depending on the amount and type of traffic.

Most spills will simply wipe or mop up, especially if quickly addressed. However, if spills are allowed to sit on the polished concrete, they can cause stains. Most stains can be removed or at least reduced with the correct cleaning product, which varies depending on the type of stain.

Flake Finish
Available in a nearly infinite combination of colors, a polyaspartic flake finish instantly upgrades any garage, basement, or other concrete floor.
Solid Finish
Most commonly used in industrial or retail environments, a solid polyaspartic or epoxy floor creates a clean, easy-to-maintain, long-lasting finish on existing concrete floors.
Metallic Finish
Our stunning metallic finishes – each a one-of-a-kind artistic installation – make a visual impact in any room, restaurant, or retail establishment. Even though visually arresting, metallic polyaspartic floors are just as strong and easy-to-clean as flake or solid finishes.
Polished Concrete
From a modern great room to an industrial warehouse, a polished concrete floor is attractive, durable, and easy-to-maintain. Polished concrete appearance can vary depending on the polishing technique, the amount of aggregate exposed, and the chosen finish – ranging from satin to nearly mirror-like.
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