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Carpet tile has long been used in commercial applications, but many homeowners are now installing carpet tile as well. As the name suggests, carpet tile is carpet that comes in individual tiles rather than in rolls. This unique construction gives carpet tile a few major benefits.

Easy Installation

Carpet tile is much easier to install and can often be done by DIYers, while carpet that comes in broadloom rolls should be installed by professionals. Homeowners can simply peel and secure each tile. Securing methods may include peel and stick, glue, or tape, depending on the specific product. Better yet, no additional tools are needed to get the job done.


Carpet tiles are available in a large selection of colors and patterns, so it’s easy to create unique custom looks wherever you install them. Use alternating colors to create elaborate, eye-catching designs, or use tiles with different textures to add definition and visual appeal.

Easy to Repair or Replace

Another benefit of carpet tile is easy removal or replacement. If one of the carpet tiles gets damaged or becomes permanently stained, there is no need to replace the entire carpet. Simply swap out the carpet tile for a new one.

Sound Absorption
Carpet Tile absorbs sound vibrations, so it’s ideal in bedrooms. In fact, adding carpet to your bedroom could give you a quieter—and a better—night’s sleep!
Carpet Tile provides traction that helps stabilize each step you take, protecting you and your family from slips and falls.
Foot Friendly
Babies, toddlers, teens, and adults can all agree that the feeling of bare feet on soft carpet is irreplaceable.
Vacuuming will remove daily dirt and debris, while periodic shampooing or steam cleaning gives carpet a deeper clean.
Stains & Spills
Carpet tile cleaners and stain removal products have come a long way, so your carpet tile can look great for many years.
If you get a snag due to rambunctious kids, pets’ toenails or moving furniture, don’t pull it out, just clip it with scissors.
Frieze / Twist
One of the most popular styles of carpet tile for the last 20 years. Trackless and durable, frieze is two-ply yarn twisted together very tightly.
One of the best selling carpets, it’s widely popular, durable, and more affordable. Known for resistance to stains and heavy traffic.
As important as color, patterns can define the purpose of a room, add character, and set the tone for the style and color of room furnishings.
Texture is all about how something feels. Soft, rough, bumpy or smooth, textured carpets add excitement and style to any living space..
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