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Adding the correct area rug to a room can make a statement, make a room more comfortable, or both. Rugs can become artwork on your floor, and they can define your space by creating a frame in which to place your furniture. An area rug may be a better choice than wall-to-wall carpeting if you are looking for flooring that’s easier to clean, or if you anticipate wanting a new look from time to time, as they are simple to switch out with something new.

The perfect accent to your hard surface floor, area rugs are available in a wide variety of solids and patterns. Area rugs provide the softness you’re looking for without giving up the style and texture of your primary floor. And like carpet, an area rug instantly adds a warm and cozy feeling to any room.

Available in a nearly infinite number of colors, styles, and textures, area rugs are functional and beautiful in nearly any home décor. From traditional to country, from casual to formal, with so many options you’re sure to find the rug that’s perfect for your home, lifestyle, and budget.

In addition to pre-fabricated area rugs, at America's Floor Source, we can also turn any carpet into a rug. Visit one of our showrooms or schedule a Mobile Floor Source appointment to learn more. 

Sound Absorption
Area rugs absorb sound, making them ideal to reduce the noise in a room with hardwood, laminate, vinyl plank, tile, or stone floors.
Rugs make any room more comfortable for crawling babies, kids playing games, afternoon naps, or just sitting on the floor to play games or watch a movie.
Area rugs provides traction and softness to a room with hardwood, laminate, vinyl, or other harder, more slippery flooring materials.
Vacuuming will remove daily dirt and debris, while periodic shampooing or steam cleaning gives area rugs a deeper clean.
Stains & Spills
Rug and carpet cleaners and stain removal products have come a long way, so your carpet can look great for many years.
If you get a snag due to rambunctious kids, pets’ toenails, or moving furniture, don’t pull it out. Just carefully clip it close to the surface with scissors.
Frieze / Twist
One of the most popular styles of carpet and rugs for the last 20 years. Trackless and durable, frieze is two-ply yarn twisted together very tightly.
One of the best selling carpets, berber is also great for rugs. Berber rugs are widely popular, durable, stain resistant, and affordable.
As important as color, patterned area rugs can define the purpose of a room, add character, and define the look and feel of a room.
Texture is all about how something feels. Soft, rough, bumpy or smooth, textured rugs add excitement and style to any living space.

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