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Benefits of Laminate Flooring


Today's laminate flooring offers gorgeous and realistic wood or tile looks for practically any room in your home. It's low maintenance, high durability, authentically beautiful, and usually much more budget-friendly than genuine hardwood flooring. Laminate is also the perfect option for busy households with kids and pets or in rooms where you want an attractive but robust floor covering.


There are many styles and colors of laminate flooring, so you'll be able to find the perfect option for your home, whether your décor is modern farmhouse, traditional, or city chic. Laminate flooring can also be installed relatively quickly and easily by professionals or motivated DIYers. Maybe laminate flooring products are clicked together without glue or fasteners. 



 What's the Difference Between Laminate Flooring and Hardwood?


For better or worse, solid hardwood flooring is exactly that – 100% wood. Laminate, on the other hand, is made stronger and more stable (and in most cases, more affordable) by laminating together four distinct layers: the wear layer, design layer, core layer, and back layer. 


The top clear, protective wear layer increases durability, making laminate floors easy to clean and care for. This topcoat also protects against fading and most surface scuffs and scratches. 


The design layer is a high-resolution hardwood photo layer that simulates laminate's hardwood or natural stone look. Next, there's a high-density fiberboard layer, and finally, the back layer, which helps protect the flooring against moisture coming from below.


Is Laminate Flooring Water Resistant?


Yes, the tough top wear layer and the back layer both provide some definite water resistance, but spills should still be wiped up as quickly as possible. But be aware, most laminate is not entirely waterproof. It's no match for standing water since its core layer is made from fiberboard. If standing water is left long enough, it can eventually seep through and damage the design and fiberboard layers.


And just like hardwood, most laminate flooring might not be the best fit for rooms that have a high humidity environment. However, there are some completely waterproof laminate floors that, in most cases, can be installed in rooms that tend to get wet and humid, such as bathrooms and basements.


Where Can Laminate Flooring be Installed?


Laminate flooring is an excellent match for almost any room in your home! The living room, bedroom, playroom, craft room, and more are all spaces where laminate works well. Because of the top layer's protection from fading, laminate can also go in sunny rooms without worrying about discoloration and faded spots.

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